Monday, January 18, 2016

Let's talk about my other ;-)

I'd love to. For starters. I like big mugs. And I cannot lie.


That was horrible, but I couldn't resist. Plus, it's true. I don't think I even own a mug that doesn't fit at least two cups of coffee. Some can fit up to five. I know! When I use my Keurig (which is pretty much always these days) I have to use the carafe filter or else my coffee is too weak. Weak coffee is right up there with small mugs. It's simply unacceptable.

Now, if this is our first visit and you offer me coffee in a small cappuccino sized thimble of a coffee cup, I will still take it and smile. Internally however, I'll be questioning where this friendship could possibly go from here....If you know me and hand me a pathetic two sip cup, you're getting a dirty look, and the possibility of having curses put on all your children and your children's children is very real. On a bad day, you may see me cry.

I have one friend who serves me coffee in a nice sized Harry Potter mug. Play-dates at her house are always something to smile about.

There, that's mugs.

The other thing that matters is the coffee itself. My favorite is an organic breakfast blend I get at the local grocery store. I've gotten the house blend when they're out of the breakfast, and it's possible I like that one ever better, but the marketing peeps have got me hooked on the breakfast blend with their clever little descriptive text on the bag. It's probably the dumbest reason in the history of dumb reasons to like a particular type of coffee...but I can't help it. That bag just speaks to me.

I sometimes chant coffee coffee coffee while I'm coming down the aisle at the grocery store.

I'm not a fancy creamer gal, although I used to be. Now I'm just in it for a little bit of milk and sugar. (Okay, I said little...I fibbed...a lot.)

Bedtime coffee's are my favorite...although I don't know why I call it that. I guess because I drink it after everyone else has gone to bed. My second favorite coffee is the first cup of the day.

My favorite fancy go out and get coffee is the Nutella Latte they serve at the Cinnamon Tree Cafe. I rarely go to Starbucks, but I wouldn't mind if a Moxie Java opened up around here. My other go to coffee place is Rabbit Foot. Their White Chocolate Mocha is pretty damn tasty.

Oh, and recently people have started giving me coffee gifts, as in a gift which consists of an amazing new bag of coffee for me to try and love - this has been utterly fabulous!

There...that's pretty much how I get down with coffee. Not sure how interesting that was, but it sure felt like important information to me :-P

~ K


  1. I'm laughing right now! The part about putting curses on the children..omg..cracks me up! Thanks for A. Sharing my humor
    B. Giving me a heads up when we eventually meet to NEVER offer you a teeny cup of coffee. (for the sake of my children and future grandchildren :) Love, Dawn ♡

    1. Haha - I'm glad someone appreciates how seriously I take my coffee addiction. Hope our paths do cross soon :-) Maybe Indie Bookfest this year?