Monday, September 14, 2015

A contest, a writing class and taking time out to have stare downs with the Coyote...

The Coyote.
No. Not really. But after flat-out refusing to behave like a dog, I had no choice but to re-specie her.

I spent a good long time trying to convince both of our dogs to give up being early morning canines given that I am not an early morning human, and in the end I succeeded. The trade off is of course that they act like hyper maniacs from 12 - 4 am which isn't all that convenient while I'm trying to work. So, a great deal of my writing is interrupted by stern talking tos and stare downs while I try to reason with them. Mostly the Coyote. She's definitely the instigator. And the one who's always stealing stuff she's not supposed to. 

So, there's that. It had to be mentioned. Mostly because I was mid title when the Coyote challenged me to yet another staring contest. I won. I always win. The staring contest. Nothing else. She's still wreaking havoc all over my living room.

But...on to other things.

#RIAM starts again on the 15th (For those who don't know, it's a writing group I joined last year on Facebook. RIAM stands for Romance in a Month, which is basically what we all strive to do.) I've got my project all set up and ready to go and I'm really excited about it. I've been sitting on the idea for about a month now, but I was too far into another WIP to really get going on it. So, this will be my chance to do that. And I'm pretty freaking stoked.

But that also means I'm more than a bit stressed out trying to finish Last Girl which I'm currently writing as part of the #JustWriteIt Harelquin Contest running on I've got until the 21st to complete the first draft and it's totally doable, it's just also totally going to mean having to bust my ass to make it happen. It's not so much that I had my heart set on winning (although winning is nice of course) mostly I just like challenging myself in different ways and finding new avenues to explore in this writing and publishing adventure, so for the sake of the challenge, it'd be nice to complete it in time. And it could happen. Totally.

I'll just have to cut back on the staring contests and maybe not waste several paragraphs in my next blog post rambling on about my dogs. 

Meanwhile, if anyone's on Wattpad and interested in checking out my story - CLICK HERE

And I'm off...