Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Insta-love. Do we love it or hate it?

I'm just going to come right out and say it. I'm a fan. Well, within reason. You still need to sell it to me, but, if I'm convinced, I'll totally buy. And, I can be convinced quite easily. Ironic really. Because I'm a jaded motherf*cker when it comes to love, but I'm also in my thirties with a kid to raise and a full-time career and no time to date. Insta-love is pretty much what I'm in the market for.

Some days, I'm tempted to write Insta-love stories left and right. And not believable ones. Ridiculous ones. Just because. Just to satisfy the insta-romantic buried deep within who actually does believe that Prince Charming fell in love with Cinderella in ONE night after ONE dance and NO conversation and clearly limited eye contact (what with the recognition issues later on in the story - or can we blame that on bad lighting?).  And why is that romantic? Why did we fall for that crap when we were little? Why are some of us still holding on to it now?

Maybe, because Insta-love, like the Cinderella kind, gives us hope that someone out there already loves us. Already knows us. And when they finally find us, they'll recognize us in an instant. Not by the way we look, or the things we say, but on a deeper level. Because unlike every other human we've ever encountered, they'll see us. Really see us.

In a society where we are busy portraying lives on social media, counting friends by likes and shares and winding up living less and being less connected than ever, the idea that someone out there could bypass all the bullshit and ugly mean stepsisters, all based on an inexplicable need from within to be with you because you're it, you're the one, is more romantic than ever.

Sure, it could all be total fantasy. I mean, it probably is. Love isn't instant. Lust is. But Love? Probably not. Love needs to grow. And develop. And blah blah blah. But where's the magic in that? Where's the excitement and the wonder? And the freaking fairy Godmother?

Call me unrealistic all you like. Because, frankly, I am. It's why I choose to spend my time writing fiction. Sometimes even silly, romantic, instant - happily ever after, fiction. 

It's probably also why I'm still single :-P

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