Sunday, January 18, 2015

SUNDAY BRUNCH ~ And...I lied.

So...just over a year ago I wrote this post...okay, it was a rant really. A really bitchy, snotty rant. It was rude and uncalled for and it felt really good - as most bitchy, snotty rants do.

Mostly I was making a dramatic declaration that I would never ever write in the present tense in addition to never writing porn (which I announced in a previous rant).  

Basically it went something like this ~

"I'm sincerely hoping the present tense narrative thing has always been there and I was just lucky enough to evade it all these years, because if it's yet another NA - Steamy Sex - book boyfriends that make me want to gag with heroines that make me want to punch- writing fad, then I'm totally screwed. Writing in present tense is another thing you can add to the list of things you'll never find in my books. I can't do it. I don't like it. It won't happen. May my sales suffer for it as long as I don't have to suffer through it."

If it sounds arrogant and snobby, well, it was kind of meant to. It was a snotty and bitchy rant.

Anyway, the reason I've brought this up today...and the reason I'm stalling and repeating the words snotty and bitchy and rant as often as I can before getting to my actual point is...well...because...UGH!


There. You got it out of me. You happy now?! 

Yeah, well, I am :-)  And since I'm on a roll already, I'll just go ahead and say it - I was wrong. There's something very enjoyable and captivating about reading something as it's happening. Well, when it's done right I guess. Sometimes I still feel like it makes things rushed and choppy, but maybe that has more to do with the writer's style than choosing to write in present tense. 

Anyway, point being. I made a mistake. I made a faulty rant. And that's okay, because I'm learning and part of learning is making mistakes. And I kinda hope I keep making them, because it means I'm still learning, and still learning means I'm still improving. Incidentally, that paragraph needs the shit edited out if it. Holy repetitive wording. Screw it. I'm leaving it. It's a blog. It's Sunday Brunch. It's not perfect. It's spontaneous and... it's me. 

P.S. I'm still not gonna start writing Porn. That rant stands. Well, mostly. I've sexed it up ever so slightly since I wrote that...but still, don't expect to be reading about some chick’s juices gushing from her hoo-ha while some guy laps it up like it’s water in the Sahara anytime soon.

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