Monday, August 17, 2015

Authors working for Authors...

One of the perks of going Indie is having the chance to dabble in all sorts of different things from formatting to graphic work. Over the years, I've realized that playing around with teasers and such is a great way to fill the times I get derailed by my Writer ADD. I like it, because it keeps my creative juices flowing but in a completely different way than writing does.

But rather than constantly flood my social media sites with my own teasers, I thought maybe I would start making some for other authors and show them off instead - you know, to keep things interesting for readers as well as myself!

So, to get the ball rolling I'm offering a 5 graphic combo for only $20. This would include a Facebook banner, a 3D image of your book and 3 teasers.

In addition, I'm also able to offer basic eBook formatting for as low as $10, custom eBook covers starting at $35 and blog/website design using Blogger or Wordpress starting at $45.

For more info or to get started, shoot me a message at

To see samples of my work, simply continue scrolling...

(Just, you know, remember I've only been doing this for myself for the most part so naturally, all the samples will have my name and book titles on them...)

Banners ~


Teasers ~

eBook Covers ~

 Blogs ~

Author K.S. Thomas

Living On Books And Coffee Book Blog

Friedgatortail (Wordpress Version)

Finding Nolan Book Site

And...obviously, the one you're on right now ;-)


  1. I love these, you are a very talented designer.