Sunday, April 5, 2015

SUNDAY BRUNCH and what my author bio would say if I was less worried about sounding professional...and more focused on just being me.

I suppose the mature thing would be to say that I'm a writer...but the more truthful thing to say is that I'm a make-shit-up-er...who has chosen to write the shit I make up down and call it fiction. 

Otherwise, I'd also be known as a pathological liar. And that's just not very nice. 

I've been a make-shit-up-er all my life. Because of this, I frequently enjoyed time to myself to indulge in my imaginary shenanigans, which naturally led to being labeled as 'weird' and 'a loner' at a very young age. 

This, however, did not bother me. If you knew my family, you'd understand. Being weird is the norm. 

While hanging out with my rather extensive imaginary crew allowed me to develop some insanely awesome social skills, I was never able to shake the weirdo shy girl vibe and would remain trapped under this umbrella of titles which would later come to include less enjoyable terms such as 'bitchy' and 'snobby' due to my lack of bubbles and sparkles and shit...but that's okay. 

I try not to care what you label me as in YOUR world...because I'm a make-shit-up-er who can make up her own, and I am a badass in MINE...but sometimes I still do care. Mostly, because you hardly ever seem to get it right. 

Making shit up has seen me through the worst of times and lifted me even higher in the best of times. It has allowed me to live when I was too depressed to leave my room or even turn on the lights. It gave me an escape from grief when I faced losses I wasn't capable of bearing, and it showed me what it meant to dream, and truly create the life I wanted and needed to be happy. And all it took was a little bit of imagination and the desire to use it.

So, I'm a make-shit-up-er. I've always been one. I'll probably be one 'til the day I die, and even then I'll be making shit up about what I'm doing instead that day...I just hope I get a chance to write it down before I go.


  1. You said what most of us can't articulate. Thank you! :)