Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Brunch ~ Mardi Gras and Book Reviews

I'm sure people were starting to think that I've completely abandoned my Sunday Brunch post...and if you weren't thinking that, you're probably making snide comments about how I wasn't kidding about my inability to commit to things...or, I suppose it's possible no one actually noticed, because let's face it, you have a life.

Well, part of the reason I haven't written is because I really haven't had much on my mind outside of releasing Bittersweet. First, it was all about getting the book done in time. Then, it was all about talking to Beta Readers and fixing the first draft. Next, I was waiting on the final proof read and making my final corrections. Then, of course, there were marketing and blitzes and blah, blah, blah. Not that it wasn't all important and mostly even fun (for me), it's been blogged about plenty, so, I won't rehash the entire process.

Instead, I'm going to talk about my release day, which I celebrated by having a booth at the Mardi Gras Festival in Sanford this weekend. Not only did I get to participate in something that was lots of fun, I also met and mingled with tons of cool and interesting people, interacted with readers AND - the cherry on top - helped a great cause by collecting money via a book giveaway and donating it to Meals on Wheels.

And, while I was out having all kinds of fun, I had the most wonderful bloggers out there in the infinite realm that is the internet, busy posting and sharing all about my new book and pretty much doing all of the work for me. So, I'm going to take moment and say - BOOK BLOGGERS are AWESOME! And then I'm going to take another to give a shout out to Tami because - MAGIC OF BOOKS PROMOTIONS is AMAZING!!!

But perhaps the best part of all, was that by the end of the day, I was walking on clouds as the first reviews began to pop up. Seriously, I know we authors post a lot of funny little Memes about how much we appreciate reviews and they're frequently cute and may even generate a chuckle, but reviews really ARE beyond important to us. Not just because they boost our fragile author egos after we've bravely bared our souls and hit publish for the world to see, but mostly, because it's the difference between a sale and NO sale, and for those of us making a living through our writing, a sale is generally preferred ;-)

Obviously, readers are in no way obligated to post reviews, which is precisely why we are so unbelievably grateful when you choose to do so anyway <3 p="">
So...A MASSIVE THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has ever READ a book and left a REVIEW!!!

You rock my world ~


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